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My sister and her man are now husband and wife! Lots of puns were made, but it was a beautiful wedding and a really meaningful family gathering for all of us. All the hard work was worth it. Unfortunately, I was running around so much that I forgot to take pictures. But it was amazing. And I baked 200+ cupcakes and an incredible butternut squash lasagna. I would include the recipes… but I’m baked out for a while.

Now, I have found myself in New York on almost a weeks holiday before classes begin. Unexpectedly. I’m reluctant to carry my camera around New York, so no pictures yet. I just want to BE here. I’ve never even been to the East Coast before-unless you count the token family visit to DC but I was like 10 and all I remember is Williamsburg. Now all of the sudden I get to live here? So I’m at my trademark big city exploring, sniffing out all the parks and riding public transit to the end of the line. Finally getting to experience humility humidity, as well.

I’m not sure how I feel about New York. It’s all so new! Went to the Beach 98th St station which was, sure enough, a beach. Where I very much enjoyed myself this afternoon in the heat. The Atlanticis WAY warmer than the Pacific. It’s fun figuring things out and discovering that I know a few people here and there… My place couldn’t be working out better, too. But moving is moving. So I’m looking forward to making a nice batch of beans tomorrow, which is a good first step.

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