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Best for Breakfast

The past 6 weeks I’ve been road tripping around, showing Patrick the west coast. We borrowed a camper and flitted from lake to lake, friends to family. The upside of living so far away is that when I come “home”, I really get to immerse myself in it. For more pictures of beautiful British Columbia, I’ve […]

Today I

dreamt big wore 5 different shades of pink did blackberry yoga and thought about the just desserts of summer:  a whole month with my sis taking my pie art to the next level (featuring the crane I befriended on my daily swim) an ode to the thunderstorms I weathered this summer Further noteworthy aspects of being […]

hurricane take 2

A number of people warned me to expect various things in New York that I haven’t really seen come to pass yet. A Bostonian on my flight from Kelowna told me in great detail about proper subway etiquette and how to handle street people. Many people warned me it was an expensive place to live. […]

hitching post

first things: My sister and her man are now husband and wife! Lots of puns were made, but it was a beautiful wedding and a really meaningful family gathering for all of us. All the hard work was worth it. Unfortunately, I was running around so much that I forgot to take pictures. But it was […]

the joys of being my sister’s wedding planner

I’ll be baking the wedding-cupcakes and the first test bake was held last Friday. It has been pronounced Very successful. Moist, elegant and summery peach cupcakes are IN. Initially the plan was to have a traditional option and a healthy vegan cupcake as well. Although the idea of variety has now spiraled out of control and […]

family summer

made it back from all the wedding planning to help my aunt and uncle move. saw the hall, the kitchen, the dishes. Finally have colors and flower girl dresses and the beginnings of a decorating scheme. Oh, and no live flowers allowed. everything is going to be very cute. as it should be. planning a […]

feeling crafty

I am very much enjoying all tasks that go along with being the wedding planner/unemployed younger sister! Lots of sewing and mending today before we head up to the cabin for the long weekend. Next task: cupcake recipes and bridesmaids dresses. Any recommendations?

Vancouver, post 2

The research so far in Vancouver has uncovered slim pickings for BC. It makes sense- BC developed later, much later, than the rest of the West Coast. The population is still only about 4 million- meaning there are more residents in greater Seattle than in the entire province of British Columbia. Excepting the (smaller) Gold […]


Planning to resume the hunt tomorrow afternoon at the VPL after a few days at the cabin with my family. I can see the patches of bright blue sky and the reflections of pine trees on my computer screen as I try to catch up after taking this time off. Almost done compiling my LA notes. […]