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The Scholar: How to Edit your Masters’ Thesis

In September 2011 when I began my studies in International History at Columbia University, I was amazed to see the orientation sessions filled with so many other young MA students like myself. New graduate programs are proliferating at American Universities. There are few statistics available yet about where today’s graduates go on to apply their […]


The first and last months I had in New York City have been among the best in a year full of bests. I feel so lucky to have had this time. My work this summer has been challenging and interesting, with enough good people around to spice up a social life otherwise diminished by absence. […]

parkside south

paint the town red paint my toes geranium knit with kpppm 1100 and blush! seeing through another’s eyes I’ve drifted towards armpits beaches suburbs and of course, restaurants, 8 days left and 5 visitors subsequently arrive good thing I have a doorstep I’ve found the best pirogi in all of new york and brought back […]

spring was a rough guide to summer

UPDATE: When you Do drop an entire bottle of olive oil, sprinkle oatmeal over the entire area and you’ll be amazed by how quickly it soaks up the oil. I have learned my lesson – whenever random shit happens, first check google for appropriate advice. Weather patterns blow through here faster than anywhere else I’ve spent time. […]

remembering dancing

today was the second spring-like day of the year and it reached a fabulous 56 degrees in Manhattan. The bulbs are almost unavoidable now- poking five or more inches out of the grey flowerbeds. But no blooms yet, certainly not. Now I have no excuse but to start trekking out to the practice rooms again. […]

new york is alright

how to calculate the exact decibel level at which it is again possible to hear the music of my favorite busker when the express trains roar by? I am falling in love with the music of new york. It sneaks into the corners of my day on my commute and on every walk. over the […]


really shouldn’t have complained so much about the scaffolding. What with all the cold windy days it has provided more than meager protection from the elements. And there were two gentle snowfalls this week, so sweetly dusting the city. Every streetcorner is covered in crystal shards of ice and salt. Here I am, lapsing into […]

make believe you’re home

There was a snowstorm today. I still feel a little surprised to be back in winter, after getting all tanned over in Cambodia. But firstly, some New York notes: Scaffolding is the bane of my existence! Or at least my New York City experience. While it provides some meager protection from the elements, most of […]