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Fall in London: horse-chestnut and small-leaved lime I landed back in London three weeks ago to make my new home base in Camberwell. The train whisks me into the city center, and then back out again. After a whole year of living in here, I am finally learning how Londoners really live. When uploading photos from my […]


Back in London for the homestretch of my masters. Typing it up til spring. The past few weeks have been wonderful. I went “home” for Christmas, although our Christmas holidays were actually hosted by my sister in Canada. Then over New Year’s, my sister and I flew down to Seattle and helped my Dad pack up the house. It was dusty, […]


Atypical negativity: The less useful or important something is here the more likely it is to work. Two days ago I saw London fog for the first time and now I’m afraid I’ll never see anything else again. And as my metaphorical motivation has returned: Fall arrived suddenly as if a thousand trees were struck […]

rabbit hole

Part 2 of my program commences, with the same peers and the same project but in an entirely different place. helloooo LONDON! I nearly forgot how much it rains here. No post of mine would be complete without an observation of the weather, especially in England where such banalities serve to begin, entertain, and end any […]

hurricane take 2

A number of people warned me to expect various things in New York that I haven’t really seen come to pass yet. A Bostonian on my flight from Kelowna told me in great detail about proper subway etiquette and how to handle street people. Many people warned me it was an expensive place to live. […]

hitching post

first things: My sister and her man are now husband and wife! Lots of puns were made, but it was a beautiful wedding and a really meaningful family gathering for all of us. All the hard work was worth it. Unfortunately, I was running around so much that I forgot to take pictures. But it was […]