the joys of being my sister’s wedding planner

I’ll be baking the wedding-cupcakes and the first test bake was held last Friday. It has been pronounced Very successful. Moist, elegant and summery peach cupcakes are IN. Initially the plan was to have a traditional option and a healthy vegan cupcake as well. Although the idea of variety has now spiraled out of control and we have all selected a number of “flavours” to sample. The next batch tonight: Martha’s salted caramel cupcakes.

We did however, take the plunge and purchase 200 polka-dot cupcake papers in 6 color schemes. This means there will be a limit to a maximum of 6 different types of cake! I need to get scheming with my co-contributer on the fondant/frosting possibilities. But we’ll keep that simple, I hope.

Have decided that I’m not so much the wedding planner but a wedding buffer.

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