Summer Summary and the Travails of Travel

Here I am, exploring an art installation!
Here I am, exploring an art installation!

Luckily, there weren’t really any. I have now discovered the ‘edit’ function and am writing from Edinburgh, where I am starting off with a family holiday in Scotland. We have been here for a few days and I have almost adjusted to the time change. Now that we’re getting over jet lag maybe we can finally get going on the adventuring stuff.

To backtrack… This was a HECTIC summer. I enrolled two summer courses, lived in a co-op and generally enjoyed every single moment I was not in studio. Which was not very much. (I must admit, I did enjoy architecture studio too…) Since the term ended I have been visiting family up in Canada. Then I had exactly 20 hours at home to pack for studying on exchange in Ireland for a year.

Left on Tuesday evening to Edinburgh via Heathrow. The flight was delayed and by the time we boarded, everyone had all relaxed! British Airways surprised me with the good movies and the food was palatable. I watched a couple films and tried Pushing Daisies before I got to that miserable point-of-no-return where I finally managed to get a wink of sleep. Customs were a breeze and the flight up to Edinburgh was for business-persons, so the seats were plush and I had my first in-flight meal since 9/11. Complete with Apple and Gooseberry crumble. I was impressed.

We took a fat little taxi from the very small Edinburgh airport to our rental flat in Dalry which is fairly central. It’s a pretty nice place with the best English showers I’ve ever had. We’re a few minutes from Haymarket station, and across the street is a grocers. On the first night we went in for a shop. Lovely time examining the products! Biggest selection of meat pastes I’ve ever seen!

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