Red Pandemic Lentils

If you’re sick of curried lentils or that one recipe with carrot and lemon, try this. The flavor is a little spanish, the ingredients mostly pantry basics. Even better, the substitutions are endless. I forgot to take pictures the first time I made it, so the next time I subbed in half an onion and […]

Sourdough Cinnamon Buns

So you’re cooped up at home and going crazy baking all your favourite things? Just like you, I have been baking rather more than usual – therapy? boredom? Or am I merely living my best life now that I actually get to spend time at home? Perhaps just like you, I have also discovered sourdough […]

A poem for Ireland

They idealise Finnish schools where the children come together to learn and play outside. Taking in oxygen and all those essential elements that America seems to lack. I miss the wide open sky, but not this. Honda civics cruise the block but here, the Nissan Qashqai is car of the year, nearly, if it fits… […]

Off to the Museums

One thing I’d been anticipating about moving to Washington, DC is the chance to finally visit all the Smithsonians. My only memory of visiting the Smithsonian back in the day is the Air and Space museum, not exactly my cup of tea now. I pictured spending my days in the National Museum of the American […]


Just in time for madememay and with only a few minor delays, may I present my Improv cardigan, improvised for yours truly as part of the Fringe Association KAL last autumn to make the most of two beautiful big skeins of pink linen. The pattern starts with bear claw lace and lots of short rows, […]


I went to make a quick salad for dinner on Friday night, as you do. It turned out great! It was such a satisfying meal and a real snapshot of what has happened to my cooking while living in Ireland. I can’t stop giggling about the name I came up with! Recipe is below. Being […]