Who writes the memoirs of plants?

Am I an invasive species here, where I have chosen to live so lightly?
Should I be rooted like the mighty oak and yew; planted like the beech tree.
Me, I am named for the grizzly bear and the stories I know make me who I am.

There is much to learn about honey bees, and the Quercus family, on every continent.
Some who go out in a blaze of glory (agave), those who survive (douglas fir), and return (salmon).
I am like the cottonwood seeds at this time of year, or caribou, hummingbird, albatross and whale.

In awe of the redwood, monarch, loon and the Amazon, with species still unknown.
I am named for the grizzly bear, an “invasive species” everywhere I go.
And its not about Darwin’s finches at all anymore.

As I watch a black swan flown here by plane 37 years ago
swimming by, still trying to mate with the mute swans…
There are new stories to listen to in the endless flow of nature.

The Black Swan

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