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Best for Breakfast

The past 6 weeks I’ve been road tripping around, showing Patrick the west coast. We borrowed a camper and flitted from lake to lake, friends to family. The upside of living so far away is that when I come “home”, I really get to immerse myself in it. For more pictures of beautiful British Columbia, I’ve […]

The Job of Journeywork

To coincide with my last day on the job, there is a side project I’ve been developing for a few months at the gallery… I’ve written a catalogue about comparative charts and maps from the 19th Century, more commonly known as Victorian Infographics. Writing this has been a labor of love dedicated to some bizarre […]

Le Bono

Just after an incredible festival in France! A friend organizes a beautiful, intimate festival for irish musicians in his village. All the townspeople host the teachers and sessions take place in the local restaurants. Le Bono Winter School has spoiled me for all other festivals – friendly people and wonderful music in the heart of […]

flashback: the mountain top

April 3, 2013 12:33pm Walking the Wicklow Way somewhere in Ireland “Sitting in Mullacor Hut, having just had a fine lunch of Heinz cream of tomato soup with Dubliners cheese on buttered brown soda bread. Enjoying a cup of Ceylon Tea and some Cadbury’s fruit and nut. I don’t have to sit in the hut, […]


It’s been snowing since I got up this morning and in fact it’s been snowing very nearly since Friday morning. In honor of our white weekend I shall delay a commentary on postmodern architecture in London. I went out for some exercise this afternoon and ended up doing a photoshoot of the snowmen in Hyde […]

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Over the weekend we housemates managed to hop on a train out of town down to Lyme Regis. Spent most of my time on the beach and enjoyed chatting up fishermen and fossil hunters. Saw three rainbows. What with my seminar schedule this term I am finding I have a lot of spare time on […]


Atypical negativity: The less useful or important something is here the more likely it is to work. Two days ago I saw London fog for the first time and now I’m afraid I’ll never see anything else again. And as my metaphorical motivation has returned: Fall arrived suddenly as if a thousand trees were struck […]

rabbit hole

Part 2 of my program commences, with the same peers and the same project but in an entirely different place. helloooo LONDON! I nearly forgot how much it rains here. No post of mine would be complete without an observation of the weather, especially in England where such banalities serve to begin, entertain, and end any […]


The first and last months I had in New York City have been among the best in a year full of bests. I feel so lucky to have had this time. My work this summer has been challenging and interesting, with enough good people around to spice up a social life otherwise diminished by absence. […]

parkside south

paint the town red paint my toes geranium knit with kpppm 1100 and blush! seeing through another’s eyes I’ve drifted towards armpits beaches suburbs and of course, restaurants, 8 days left and 5 visitors subsequently arrive good thing I have a doorstep I’ve found the best pirogi in all of new york and brought back […]