Fall in London: horse-chestnut and small-leaved lime
I landed back in London three weeks ago to make my new home base in Camberwell. The train whisks me into the city center, and then back out again. After a whole year of living in here, I am finally learning how Londoners really live.

When uploading photos from my latest trip to my flickr I realized that my photos didn’t describe “a trip” at all! Yes, they were taken in the several places I happened to visit while I was home. But as a whole, I hadn’t been taking pictures to describe the adventures I was having. That organization method just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Instead my photographs reflected personals goals: to enjoy happenstance, appreciate the people and places I love, be aware of nature and understand cultural landscapes. How I never noticed this before I have no idea.  I carry my camera with me all the time, on days where I feel comfortable with digitality or in places where I know I will want to have a visual record. My camera goes on walks and trips but it also spends a lot of time at home, wherever home happens to be.

So now that I am more aware of exactly what I choose to photograph, I have begun what will surely be a long reorganization process. I want to make more of what I’m recognizing and thinking about when I actually snap the shutter. Over the next few months I hope to add new Old photographs that I once deemed ‘irrelevant’ to the story I was telling. But it turns out, I have a helluva lot of stories to tell!

…and as I’m job hunting at the moment this is a perfect project to occupy any aimless, self-defeating thoughts.

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