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pernacious: tenaciously pernicious.

Home: a reminder of the joy of quiet, company and comfort.

finished some fluffy bed socks for Annie. She says they look like fall. I say they look like barf!

actually taking vitamins to stave off this cold i’ve got.
midterms are over
in the space of 2 days I found some closure for my next steps over the next year..

  • This summer, I hope and plan to attend Cambridge. It’s a very exciting (and slightly intimidating) proposition for me, as I had promised myself I would find a way to go back to Ireland this summer! I was one of three people (all girls) from my school accepted to their Global Summer Program. I am really looking forward to studying abroad again, it’s going to be such a challenge. A number of friends will still be in Dublin, so I would love to arrange some adventures!
  • This fall, I will move to a slightly larger and definitely beautiful  co-ed co-op.
  • It’s very nice to have some idea of the medium term future. I feel like I am finding it for myself.

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