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Fall in London: horse-chestnut and small-leaved lime I landed back in London three weeks ago to make my new home base in Camberwell. The train whisks me into the city center, and then back out again. After a whole year of living in here, I am finally learning how Londoners really live. When uploading photos from my […]

remembering dancing

today was the second spring-like day of the year and it reached a fabulous 56 degrees in Manhattan. The bulbs are almost unavoidable now- poking five or more inches out of the grey flowerbeds. But no blooms yet, certainly not. Now I have no excuse but to start trekking out to the practice rooms again. […]

i’m getting closer

maybe… further mostly right now I want to finish.But I can’t even decidewhat tack to take talking the truth is in the sourcesput aside your point of viewbut doesn’t context matter?aren’t those prejudices true?to some extentit always does come together in the end. but why is it so hardto know what you needreally?

modern medieval

I’m unsure but confidentthat somehow this will all resolvewhen simple-minded simplificationsmark an end of ideology lots on my list this month- papers, exams, knitting, GREnot sure I’m happy with what’s plannednot sure I want to plan anything at allwhen nothing goes as planned anyway. but it has been beautiful clear sunny and coldand I bike […]

the very first post

This is a test. Firstly, this is the first post in my blog and I am very curious to see what I want it to look like. Secondly, can I keep a blog again? I had a livejournal in middle school which lasted only 2 years. While my “lj” was a adolescent and self-conscious foray into social […]