Los Angeles, post 3

We went to Venice Beach today to walk the strip. Bought a lovely patterned robe with a wide collar. Looks inspired by some Jane Austen movie circa 1970. I wonder if it was in one of those films..

Tonight I already got my thoughts out in an email, instead of writing here. Workwise, I ended up going straight to downtown after our advenitures in Venice, so I didn’t have my computer but at least I had a pencil. I got dropped off and was able to work from 3-7:30 down in the history room. The microfilm made me dizzy after awhile. I worked my way through Riverside (which ended up having almost no halls) and San Diego (which had a few, but its certainly worth a visit as I’ve a friend to stay with, and I’ve never been there either). I was also able to collect data for sample years in Sacramento, Eureka, Fresno, and Stockton. Productive and enjoyable.

And then, I made my way back to the house via public transit with no cell phone. It was easy, but I felt daring and exhilarating. And on the red line train, Los Angeles felt like a metropolis!

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