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Fall in London: horse-chestnut and small-leaved lime I landed back in London three weeks ago to make my new home base in Camberwell. The train whisks me into the city center, and then back out again. After a whole year of living in here, I am finally learning how Londoners really live. When uploading photos from my […]

physical energy

November has come and gone. London plane trees left their fallen offerings all over the sidewalks, never being swept away and turning into rain sodden street stickers which have only just disappeared. There has been less time for kitchen adventures, although more weekend getaways and I have the photos to prove it. I have been […]

Project list

Back at the knitting, waiting for the rain… 1. Warm Woolly socks (2/3 the way there!) 2. Plain slouchy beret (wool purchased+pattern found) 3. Complicated socks (wool purchased+pattern found) 4. Entrelac socks (hmm… making this pattern for a guy might be tricky) 5. Christmas: socks, socks, and more socks 6. Yet Another Cardigan

the fall of paris

I think I got a sunburn in Paris. The sun is out an awful lot here despite what you might assume about winter in northern Europe! The weather in Paris was divine. Since it is further south than Dublin, the sun held some heat and it still felt like fall. The light was nearly pale pink and it cast […]

Ireland in Autumn

Over the October Bank Holiday weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Cork with my housemate. Cork is a beautiful county and it was pretty fun to get to travel with someone who is actually Irish. She goes home most weekends, but as Cork is in the south of the country it is a fairly long […]

the generalist

This time of year I always yearn for the music of Nick Drake. I wish it were playing everywhere always, which does not exactly fit in with my personal policy prohibiting polyphonic prerecorded playing as I wander around this planet. Which is to say, I really enjoy Listening to the noises where I happen to be. […]