the college experience

Like the evil queen says: “Things are looking up!”

it’s all about attitude.
dinner was SO good tonite, I am rapidly falling in love with food.

a friend and I met up for crafts, and I started sewing a rag rug. It is now big enough for both my feet and feels wonderfull squishy! I think I am ready for some smaller knitting projects. I have a huge stash of yarn waiting to be used up, and plenty of time between school lectures. If you would like a knitted case for an electronic item, I am willing to help you out!

Please comment with:

dimensions (circumference of object in question, frontal width, and entire length)

detail the desired colour range, and extras like button closure, knitted tie/loop closure, flaps, cord holes

describe desired decorations. In the past, I have knitted stripes, a wave, video game characters, initials, cables, lace, dots…

If I am interested in your project, I will get back to you!

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