remembering dancing

today was the second spring-like day of the year and it reached a fabulous 56 degrees in Manhattan. The bulbs are almost unavoidable now- poking five or more inches out of the grey flowerbeds. But no blooms yet, certainly not. Now I have no excuse but to start trekking out to the practice rooms again. It’s warm enough now that my instrument won’t freeze on the way to the pub!!! And there are a lot of sessions in New York when you have time to find em.

reflections at harriman

My dear friend was in town this week, and was it ever wonderful to have her around. She has put the jiggle back in my wiggle. We walked all over Brooklyn, had a sleepover in the best sense of the word, and even escaped the concrete jungle for a hike outside the city (on the Appalachian Trail!!). I feel so lucky, my Dad is coming to visit in two weeks time as well.

It seems, like all disciplines, that I have slipped into the historiographical and am too self-conscious about my blob writing. There was one vote for bringing the free verse back. But perhaps til the mood strikes again, more frequent and however prosaic updates will have to suffice.

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