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Stockton CHECK Lodi CHECK Sacramento IN PROGRESS

Did a bit of a circle tour yesterday and drove along highway 24 and 4 and up route 99 before zipping back into the Bay. Summer has arrived; MAN it was hot. Unfortunately I encountered the Worst Bagel Ever in Stockton which consisted of fake strawberry cream cheese on the saltiest pretzel bagel in the world. Really enjoyed wandering around Lodi. Then this afternoon there was also a parking meter fiasco, because I got so engrossed at the California State Library that I forgot all about my car. When in Sacramento, I can highly recommend visiting:

La Bonne Soupe Café at 920 8th open for lunch from 10:30-2:30.

Too exhausted to consider driving to Sacramento today, so I finished up some research instead at the Oakland public library. Also too exhausted to write about my researching.

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