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sunol’s sycamore leaves

my new little room here at school isn’t the same sort of place for melancholic composition as the bubble I was in last year But I get the sunrise. and I’ve filled it with my found-metal mobile and a secretary and orchids (there isn’t sunlight enough for anything else) and this is fine. the piles […]

Central Valley

Stockton CHECK Lodi CHECK Sacramento IN PROGRESS Did a bit of a circle tour yesterday and drove along highway 24 and 4 and up route 99 before zipping back into the Bay. Summer has arrived; MAN it was hot. Unfortunately I encountered the Worst Bagel Ever in Stockton which consisted of fake strawberry cream cheese on the saltiest pretzel […]

more vignettes from home

my knitting is balled up on the stool the shadows are long when you’re in the north this time of year, so are the days. saw six baby quail today and a baby bunny! napped in the hammock and pondered the space-time continuum in such leisure It seems to snow this time of year, snow from […]

and there

I have been watching the bees buzzing around the raspberry bushes sitting in the hammock listening to the silken whisper of leaves reeling in the heat wave reading about hobbitses and elves reading about Indonesia India and Italy sitting in bed just watching the sun angle change to illuminate another million shades of green there […]


I has just stopped snowing again. And to think, at half seven this morning I was driving back from the bus station in Seattle and the sun was rising and the mountain was out. The rising sun backlit the Cascades purple peaks with livid pink streaks. It was all I could do to stay on the highway […]

this may be my first and last post about knitting

my grandmother and my mother gave me knitting books for christmas. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! I am having a lot of fun working on Zelda inspired slippers for my sister’s boyfriend. He likes video games, therefore, the toes depict Link running away from the monster Dogongo. A bomb lies between them. This is the most knitted colourwork […]

noises absent from my life

drip drip of melting snow click click of the gas fire and the whiny hum of my mother’s laptop. I keep saying it’s nice to be home and it was nice to be away. Better at asserting myself although who would have thought I ever had a problem with that The best thing about Christmas […]