noises absent from my life

drip drip of melting snow
click click of the gas fire
and the whiny hum of my mother’s laptop.

I keep saying it’s nice to be home and it was nice to be away.
Better at asserting myself
although who would have thought I ever had a problem with that

The best thing about Christmas is how the days consist of the hedonistic pleasures of eating, warming myself by the fire, family teasing, and page turning.
new this year: the joy of hot showers.

It’s been 8 days since I made my way home. It was the “on my way” part that sucked. There were delays and 4 inches of snow when my flight came in. My friend picked me up at the airport. Thank goodness, as all buses were canceled for the SNOW DAY!! It took an hour and a half to get home, three times normal. The next few days consisted of admiring snow, snowing, and being out in snow.

White Christmas
Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day were full of familiar traditions.
Then my lucky Dad headed off on a long-awaited fly-fishing trip to Chile- that was different!

I drove on the freeway again, to the mall of all places.

Adjusting is slow.

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