this may be my first and last post about knitting

my grandmother and my mother gave me knitting books for christmas. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

I am having a lot of fun working on Zelda inspired slippers for my sister’s boyfriend. He likes video games, therefore, the toes depict Link running away from the monster Dogongo. A bomb lies between them. This is the most knitted colourwork I’ve done in a while, since the time I tried to knit myself a purse depicting a city-skyline. That ambitious project (one of many) was left unfinished. Recently, though, I have been finishing projects. It’s better that way. I have a pair of cozy socks ready for gift giving and these Christmas slippers will definitely be done before New Years’.

It’s funny making things- I have been knitting away for years but I still have so much to learn. Hand-knitted presents are the best kind, but they take a long time to make even after you decide what’s appropriate. The last sweater I knit myself was ages ago. I bought myself the wool for my birthday in 2006. I finished the sweater in Spring 2008 but I have worn it only twice this year! Unfortunately I was so in love with the idea of idea of the sweater that I didn’t realize that wearing it would make me look like Cookie Monster. Fuzzy and Blue. My best attempts at wearing it couldn’t work. I might just become one of those knitters who gives away everything she has ever knit. Just like my Aunt and Grannies. In compromise, I am trying to at least take pictures of what I make!

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  1. You’re wrong–I do read your blog!! And now I know I’m next on your to-knit list!! Bwahahaha.One of my professors was wearing a very interesting/pretty knit skirt yesterday. Ever thought about that? I would totally wear a knit skirt! if it was long…

  2. ha! i wondered how long it would take. You just let me know, and I’ll blast you with pattern ideas til then. I bought a fair-isle wool sweater at the thrift store in bellevue, so you are next on my list after all…