29 days of action-packed travel in just one succinct update!

Grad school really takes it up a notch. After that unexpected week of freedom I had exploring NYC last August, the classes and seminars quickly consumed every spare second. No time for writing at all, too busy reading. Today I wrote an outline of things I would actually want to share here. I guess I feel like I have to “catch up” before I make an “update”.

The pictures belie what was a very studious time!! Although in the course of the fall semester I did get a bit of knitting done on my commute – a couple pairs of socks, a linen and lace lampshade! Then my computer died and I lost all the pictures I took this past summer at my sister’s wedding. It was Terrible. Over Thanksgiving I went to stay with my cousins up in the Maritimes and we had an amazing time touring Cape Breton!! After exams I got home to the northwest for a few days at Christmas where my sister (and new brother in law) announced that they are moving to NORTH. I am very much looking forward to visiting northern BC for the first time! Apparently, its a very squinty, snotty business being a northerner…. but that visit was just a stop over. There was still nearly a month to go before the spring term, so I met up with H for some much anticipated travels over the next 29 days.

There a few reasons why I have had difficulty with writing here recently. Over the past year my interest in having a blog at all evolved; without a “project” (ie travel or research) in mind, crappy free verse poetry became sort of a stop gap. And now I have proceeded to complete an entire post without following my outline at all. HINT: I just got back from my first trip to ASIA!!

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  1. Serendipity! I don't know if I knew you had a blog…but here it is! And so funny that I find this today, when you haven't posted in so long. So exciting. I had a day today that I think you were secretly with me…baked deliciously healthy cookies, learned how to knit cables (any tips cuz?), poked at my nails some (huzzah!), and went for a walk on a snowy beach then warmed up by the woodfire. Come visit soon and accompany my knitting by the fire…love love