new york is alright

how to calculate the exact decibel level at which it is again possible to hear the music of my favorite busker when the express trains roar by? I am falling in love with the music of new york. It sneaks into the corners of my day on my commute and on every walk.

over the long weekend the city was so quiet I could hear the trees whispering in central park. but more often than I expected, the streets and subways are filled with talented buskers and friendly panhandlers rather than stereotypical new yorkers. I get excited when I hear the twanging of a ‘native’ and their crass pragmatism.

But is anywhere less transient nowadays?

I’m going through a manic phase, sprung on by the energy necessary to sustain a 21 unit course load. It has been a while since I have had to perform at this level. The repercussions are rippling through my life and I miss quiet time for sitting almost more than anything. Everything becomes extremes and I bounce from one thing to the next. Please excuse me. Despite this, my research project is developing apace. It doesn’t sound much different from my work before, but I am finally starting to understand it better. I am also so much clearer about what kind of material I can look for once I am back in the archives. A good next step would be presenting my ideas in progress…

The only thing keeping me same is the knitting, currently a cabled capelet for kim and stranded multicolor gloves for myself. I think this is going to be the year I finally start wearing what I knit. What a concept!

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