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Soon these wreaths will come down too. It is considered bad luck in England to keep your Christmas ornaments up past January 6th. [Note: here they are most definitely not considered “holiday” decorations] At work on Monday as we were taking down our seasonal decor, my colleague joked he’s not sure how they manage to […]

The Maid Behind the Bar

Today is the first day in a while where I have been able to sit on my couch all day to work on job applications. Last month, it was time to be more proactive in my job hunt. I went out and found a nanny job, a cat-sitting gig and have been picking up shifts […]

The Scholar: How to Edit your Masters’ Thesis

In September 2011 when I began my studies in International History at Columbia University, I was amazed to see the orientation sessions filled with so many other young MA students like myself. New graduate programs are proliferating at American Universities. There are few statistics available yet about where today’s graduates go on to apply their […]

love and the liberal’s lament

the problem with cities is that their trains become our riverstheir shops our seasonswe know thissubways make the breezesidewalks make dust not dirtthe only thing real is the sunthe only thing fake is this reasoning is there any way to mediatesuburbs town-country sprawlcommutefarmcombinecommunewe are trying sooooooooo hard but where is it ever good enough that […]


The academic term just ended so apparently only 12 weeks have passed since I was home in Seattle over Christmas. But you know, it feels like a lot longer. I have been heads down with my final assignments of graduate school and narrowing down even further the focus of my research. I can’t tell you […]

living love

waking up to spring only to step out into winterthe cold lingers and II just want to hang my coats up in a different closet the best part about choice isit begins when I decidea single momenttransformed by confidence


Back in London for the homestretch of my masters. Typing it up til spring. The past few weeks have been wonderful. I went “home” for Christmas, although our Christmas holidays were actually hosted by my sister in Canada. Then over New Year’s, my sister and I flew down to Seattle and helped my Dad pack up the house. It was dusty, […]

physical energy

November has come and gone. London plane trees left their fallen offerings all over the sidewalks, never being swept away and turning into rain sodden street stickers which have only just disappeared. There has been less time for kitchen adventures, although more weekend getaways and I have the photos to prove it. I have been […]

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Over the weekend we housemates managed to hop on a train out of town down to Lyme Regis. Spent most of my time on the beach and enjoyed chatting up fishermen and fossil hunters. Saw three rainbows. What with my seminar schedule this term I am finding I have a lot of spare time on […]

rabbit hole

Part 2 of my program commences, with the same peers and the same project but in an entirely different place. helloooo LONDON! I nearly forgot how much it rains here. No post of mine would be complete without an observation of the weather, especially in England where such banalities serve to begin, entertain, and end any […]