Tag: sound

new york is alright

how to calculate the exact decibel level at which it is again possible to hear the music of my favorite busker when the express trains roar by? I am falling in love with the music of new york. It sneaks into the corners of my day on my commute and on every walk. over the […]

heard at home

perry como plays in the background, and my dad hums along,¬†‘You see, this is the kind of good music I listen to! But I like Led Zeppelin and all that modern stuff too…’

noises absent from my life

drip drip of melting snow click click of the gas fire and the whiny hum of my mother’s laptop. I keep saying it’s nice to be home and it was nice to be away. Better at asserting myself although who would have thought I ever had a problem with that The best thing about Christmas […]

the generalist

This time of year I always yearn for the music of Nick Drake. I wish it were playing everywhere always, which does not exactly fit in with my personal policy prohibiting polyphonic prerecorded playing as I wander around this¬†planet. Which is to say, I really enjoy Listening to the noises where I happen to be. […]