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this week

living one week at a time goal: learn to use a drop spindle eventually in progress: practicing biking up hills baking: a butter cake knitting: socks for father’s day, and a felted toiletries’ case gaming: carcasonne! playing: practicing a bit and remembering my tunes reading: Fifty Years in Farming 1940-1990 by Meir Weiss, and Game of Thrones… […]


I have shipped everything north with greyhound and am saying good bye to the bay area. Loved it. Can already feel myself moving on. There is so much I am leaving, yet so much to find. I don’t even realize. My older sister is getting married so I have maid-of-honor duties to look forward to […]

i’m getting closer

maybe… further mostly right now I want to finish.But I can’t even decidewhat tack to take talking the truth is in the sourcesput aside your point of viewbut doesn’t context matter?aren’t those prejudices true?to some extentit always does come together in the end. but why is it so hardto know what you needreally?

sunol’s sycamore leaves

my new little room here at school isn’t the same sort of place for melancholic composition as the bubble I was in last year But I get the sunrise. and I’ve filled it with my found-metal mobile and a secretary and orchids (there isn’t sunlight enough for anything else) and this is fine. the piles […]

Research Road Trip

Research continued apace over the past month but I hit a wall in Vancouver and haven’t caught up with my notes since. Staying with family was all the more distracting! At this point, I have a few site visits remaining in Oakland and San Francisco, but as the Bay Area is my home base I can leave […]

Driving North

It’s been 6 weeks since I started my project. I have a month of notes I have yet to process. Maybe this week I’ll finally get around to it. I appreciate the opportunity to take this trip even more now that I am halfway through it. Before driving up from California I took the car in for a tune […]

Rogue River… and San Jose, retrospectively.

Sitting at a picnic table in the fading light at the Rogue River Campground. A7. Oregon. Staying tonight near the freeway, but at least there are no RV’s here. Gone is that California feeling. Not because it’s Oregon per se but the hills just look different. Took the 99 byway several times, so although I’m planning […]

Central Valley

Stockton CHECK Lodi CHECK Sacramento IN PROGRESS Did a bit of a circle tour yesterday and drove along highway 24 and 4 and up route 99 before zipping back into the Bay. Summer has arrived; MAN it was hot. Unfortunately I encountered the Worst Bagel Ever in Stockton which consisted of fake strawberry cream cheese on the saltiest pretzel […]

Native suns of the golden west

Enjoying the afternoon sun and a rest in the hammock while I listen to the sounds of my hometown Niles, California. It has been such a pleasant day, arriving in the east bay after driving all over the state. Here where I grew up feels most like stereotypical ‘California’ to me. The landscape here speaks […]