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Back from Seattle and away at school again in the Bay Area, where it is “raining”. Some difference from the rain in Ireland! I have been plagued by excessive warmth; suddenly three-quarter length sleeves seem like a good idea again. In Dublin, shorter sleeves bunched up under jackets and left conspicuous amounts of wrist exposed to the cold.

I am two days into class and some of the differences are reassuring. Class participation will take a while to get used to again but all the assigned reading and purchasing of textbooks was a relief. I miss the music more than anything.

This year I have been lucky enough to get a place in the student cooperative. The residence is co-operative, meaning that it is owned and run entirely by the members. The house is fairly big, and all-female. The managers are all members and seem super awesome. Most of the new people in the house have returned from studying abroad… This morning I went downstairs and baked while it was nice and quiet before anyone was up. It was wonderful not having to think about the cost and effort that goes into replacing each item I used. The kitchen manager does a great job keeping the pantry well-supplied with our collective food budget! I am learning a lot about food politics, because we basically vote on the food which we keep in stock. Anyway, I made strawberry/almond/cinnamon muffins which came out very nicely indeed.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine from middle school happens to live here, and when I was in Dublin I actually met a student who had lived here in the very same house when They happened to be studying abroad. It’s a small world in a good way!

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