reports of incredible variation possible within “happiness”

This semester has been all-encompassing. Studio is incredibly demanding and time-consuming. Escaping from it is an impossible thought! It is so hard to get out of the mindset, and things like letters and postcards are only a dream. dreaming of next weekend, dreaming of cake. decisions, results, possibility. sitting in studio, trying to get all my procrastination out of the way before work begins again in earnest. I present first at the architecture mid-review on Monday. Lots of work to go…

New Discoveries:
-Ever had a favourite pair of pants with a lazy zipper that likes to drift down, leaving your fly constantly open? A small rubber band, threaded through the zipper and wrapped over the button, will solve that in a jiffy!
-Ever wear a warm woolly scarf under your coat, only to be left with a small cold gap at the vee of your throat? Take a binder clip and secure your scarf at the appropriate height! (Also eliminates the third boob when tucking in a knotted scarf under your coat…)
-I am capable of taking apart my bicycle (also known as the Iron Steed) and putting it back together so it actually works. It’s so good to have the power back!

Friends, fall, and thoughts of home are pleasantly sustaining while away at school. My bed here is perfectly positioned next to the window- the sun climbs in with me by 9am most days, rendering an alarm clock obsolete. My walk home passes strawberry-kiwi trees dropping their leaves and a trumpet flower bush displaying its fragrant flowers.

It always used to rain on Halloween- California’s Revenge. At least I will be safely ensconced in studio working away!

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