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It turns out blogging is good for accountability. As is le weekend. After being all inspired last week, I decided it was finally time to do something about my garden.


Here’s the situation:

I want to make the most of our tiny stone-walled rock garden for the summer. We may move in the fall but in the meantime I have:

2 long beds, one of which currently occupied by some tulips.
Tomato grow bags
Lots of cuttings in cheap tiny pots
Table and chairs I like
Awesome “weeds” including bluebells in May, and Jupiters beard all summer long
Stone walls covered with daisies and ferns
An amazing green cast iron fence

Off to a great start!

But this weekend I had a secret weapon: my mother, a retired landscape architect. She asked me to pick a single word that I would want to describe my garden.

I picked lush. And wild. The conversation quickly diverged to how the walled garden often feels small and unkempt. She translated my complaints into a solution: I wanted to add some symmetry and greenery to the edges of the garden to play off the walls and complement my existing outdoor furniture. My purchases should be portable and cheap so I can either bring them with me when we move or gift them to friends. If there are flowers they shouldn’t be white, in order to contrast with the walls.

Here’s what we bought:
Thalictrum ‘meadow Rue’ 2x
Sedum 2x
Lavender 2x
Chives 3x
Tomatoes 3x
3 new grey container pots

Made from things I had:
Hanging tomato basket (Woodie’s DIY)
Waterproof cushions (Marimekko)

In total, it cost less than €100 from The Pavilion Garden Centre in Cork. All it took was a good eye for plants and some re-potting over the course of a sunny afternoon.

Results: totally worth it. Thanks mum!

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