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reports of incredible variation possible within “happiness” This semester has been all-encompassing. Studio is incredibly demanding and time-consuming. Escaping from it is an impossible thought! It is so hard to get out of the mindset, and things like letters and postcards are only a dream. dreaming of next weekend, dreaming of cake. decisions, results, possibility. […]


First frost this morning. Freddie the leaf has been waiting for this moment. Curled and raggedy edges are highlighted in white. Flat surfaces are iced with diamonds. I slippy-slid my way to college and it was Brilliant. I am in studio, about to draft some stairs. I just went to buy some vellum. They call it tracing […]

-isation in paris, part 2

I saw Hausmann’s Paris, and I like it. Indeed, cannot imagine any better way to see it than from below. I came out of the Opera metro, and turned around to his masterpiece. It was everything I have read about- all symmetry and pageantry. Pigeons and crowds parted so I could sit on the steps […]

Exploring suburbia

Out of last week’s slump, and into new territory. This was a good weekend for hanging out with myself and enjoying where I am now. My neighbor and I explored the vicinity of UCD. Dundrum shopping cenre is only an hour’s walk away! All in all it was a precious glimpse into the last decades’ […]

Getting on.

Five days ago, any thought was a bit unsettling. I had no idea if I had housing, classes, internet, things, or money. Not so much now! The housing situation is going to settle soon. Thanks to my mother, I have the necessities to make myself comfortable. And I even have classes, after only two mornings […]

Slow Starts

Adjusting to time jumps takes discipline. The first night, I woke up in the middle for 3 hours. The second night, I woke up ridiculously early. The third night, I couldn’t fall asleep forever… but then I slept fine. So far in Edinburgh, we’ve walked along Princes Street and through the gardens. The gardens has […]