I LOVED what I saw of western Germany. We didn’t exactly plan this trip to Germany but it has been Wonderful. At first, I was only going to Germany for 3 reasons: the flight was 12 euros, two good friends agreed to go with me, I wanted to see Christmas markets, and I heard the chocolate is amazing. And unplanned means REALLY no plans. That made it magical.

A look at where we found to stay should reveal this:
Saturday – a cheap hotel in the distant part of Dusseldorf
Sunday – unfortunately we couldn’t find the cheap hostel we Had booked in Aachen, so we stayed at the Best Western. This was HEAVENLY. There were hot showers, microwaves, 2-ply toilet paper, real pillows… Can you tell that all three of us are currently living in places which lack the American-style amenities offered by a Best Western?
Monday – managed to find a decent hostel in Koln
Tuesday – a lovely night with my old friend, a native of Koln
Wednesday – the Koln haupbanhof!

I thought I was getting used to this whole European thing. But no. Apparently when confronted by what constitutes a “shower” over here, I revert to the ways of my youth. I was faced with 5 knobs and two possible handles. I stood there naked for 5 minutes trying to figure it out before asking for help. And when that help still wasn’t enough, I had to ask again.

This trip probably wasn’t the best timing, as in now that I am back my alarm is going to go off in 5 minutes and then I have to write two papers. One is due in 24 hours, and the other in 29 hours. Finals (and I have 6) start on Wednesday… But I am excited to go back to Germany someday as this trip has whetted my appetite. My friend gave me the traditional gift of a gingerbread heart- perhaps when it breaks it will be time to return. The frosting on the gingerbread reads “alles gut” – a welcome reminder as I need some luck to make these deadlines!


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