Antics in Antrim

Off the Antrim coast

Finally took off on a trip this weekend, it was a good dry run for traveling further afield. We took the train up to Belfast and spent the night in town near Queens. It was very cold. I might take a dedicated trip to Belfast, when it is warmer. Together then, we headed up along the coast by bus. By 3pm on Saturday the trip became magically. The rain stopped exactly when we arrived at the Giant’s Causeway. Each stone step was a different height and made a different sound. We hopped all over all afternoon!.I wish it was all mine!

The hostel on Saturday night was everything I could imagine in a hostel. The kitchen, like a co-op. The beds didn’t squeak. More than enough toilets and showers. Lovely old house, cat, directly next to a beach, a creek, a forest, a cliff, and a lovely estate. And the owner’s wife was from Edmonds, Washington! We arose early to sneak into the estate before it opened. The demesne was criss-crossed with walking trails and spotted with sheep shit. I stepped on some twice, pleasantly squishy! One sheep was rolling on its back. I think it rolled over for pleasure, and got stuck. What a sight to see those black legs wiggling in the air before it managed to get back up!

The walk back to Castlerock train station was through a green overgrown hedgerow tunnel. It went on for ages and I got lost in time between the fields and protected from the wind. What beautiful country. I did not want to go back to school, but four hours of meditation later on the train, I was back in dampy dreary Dublin. The wind has been something magnificent this trip! In fact, this past week has been the longest I have ever experienced such strong winds. On another note, I have switched my part to the other side of my head. The wind certainly was making my hair go all over the place. It’s sort of like looking at myself in a mirror. Which it is.

Now, Monday’s are my least favourite day of the week. Unfortunately I have a first big decision is tomorrow night. See Sci-Fi soc’s showing of the Dark Knight or go to a history lecture on the Kingship at Tara?? Otherwise, my Irish is coming along. You will never guess how wrong I have been pronouncing Oifig an Phoist all these years.

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