Rogue River… and San Jose, retrospectively.

Sitting at a picnic table in the fading light at the Rogue River Campground. A7. Oregon. Staying tonight near the freeway, but at least there are no RV’s here. Gone is that California feeling. Not because it’s Oregon per se but the hills just look different. Took the 99 byway several times, so although I’m planning to ‘blast thru’ this drive by myself in two days, there’s a lot of scenery to see. I have Headed North and Boy, I am looking forward to a swim. Swimming isn’t a very California thing, I guess because a lot places don’t have natural swimming holes and in the Bay Area a lot of the pools are private.

Still reeling from getting to explore the Central Valley. I loved Lodi, for some reason. And I was proud to see all the history in Sacramento. Stockton had charm, but its too big and hot and abandoned and that bad bagel really put me off. I feel similarly about Fresno. Maybe I like those Central California cities for what they once were.

I don’t think San Jose counts as a Central Valley town but it was just as hot! It didn’t matter at all- a gregarious friend joined me for my hall hunting in San Jose and we had the best time yet. We found an old Sons of Norway lodge, the interior intact with norse symbolism but refurbished as the Islamic Centre of San Jose. The main changes were the installation of east facing carpets and a ritual washing station, and it was fascinating to see this fusion occurring so naturally.

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