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sunol’s sycamore leaves

my new little room here at school isn’t the same sort of place for melancholic composition as the bubble I was in last year But I get the sunrise. and I’ve filled it with my found-metal mobile and a secretary and orchids (there isn’t sunlight enough for anything else) and this is fine. the piles […]


I learned how to make music with a crystal glass this week…. And a wonderful friend is learning me to bake bread, walking me through the Tassajara method. We on our second batch together.. at the moment, there is enough dough downstairs rising to make 10 loaves of bread. I have a reading response to finish before I can go […]

the college experience

Like the evil queen says: “Things are looking up!” it’s all about attitude. dinner was SO good tonite, I am rapidly falling in love with food. a friend and I met up for crafts, and I started sewing a rag rug. It is now big enough for both my feet and feels wonderfull squishy! I think I […]

folding and kneading

Our first dinner tonite turned out amazing. I mean, living in California is AMAZING. Artichokes in winter?? All the produce is seasonal and beautiful. MENU: seitan, chicken cacciatore, artichokes (I accidentally typed architecture instead, whoops!), broccoli, roast carrots parsnips and potatoes, rosemary bread and dipping oil. There was pineapple walnut cake with cream cheese frosting […]

the cycle

Back from Seattle and away at school again in the Bay Area, where it is “raining”. Some difference from the rain in Ireland! I have been plagued by excessive warmth; suddenly three-quarter length sleeves seem like a good idea again. In Dublin, shorter sleeves bunched up under jackets and left conspicuous amounts of wrist exposed […]