Getting on.

Five days ago, any thought was a bit unsettling. I had no idea if I had housing, classes, internet, things, or money. Not so much now! The housing situation is going to settle soon. Thanks to my mother, I have the necessities to make myself comfortable. And I even have classes, after only two mornings of waiting in line to register. They are:

Architectural Technologies + Practical Demonstrations
Architecture and the Environment
Geography and Cities
Geography and Europe
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Philosophy
A History of Planning

The scheduling is less than desirable, as I have class every day of the week. But if I take a day off here and there, it will be grand for the weekend travels.  Taking courses from so many subjects is confusing for everyone I have to explain it to. Maybe even myself? It seems to be a nice mix, provoke interesting personal mental debate. But here the education system is much more rigid, and most degrees are entirely planned out with designated courses. Both the style of teaching and the workload are very different from Berkeley.

My mother left two days ago and when I arrived back from leaving her at Cassidy’s hotel, I found my dear friend sitting on the bench outside my room. What a house warming! Poor guy though, as kipping on my floor won’t be very comfortable. And as the roommate situation has been interesting, none of us have been sleeping very well.

But this is all in the past. I’m even starting to get used my housemates Cork accents. Here’s my dictionary so far:

bin liners = garbage bags
bog = toilet
bogger = country person
culchee = country person
creche = day care
Venga Boys = 90’s pop band??

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