The Rainy Walks

50 of your favourite wordsAn excellent article on an excellent subject.

There is an animal living nearby my house that I am beginning to loathe. Every night it makes this yippy yappy half duck half dog bark for a long time. Thank goodness it has finally stopped. [UPDATE: I am told this is a FOX!]

Today I had a lazy day, I spent the morning turning the heel on one black sock. Still not done. The future sock-wearer better have a big heel! I also toured the Gailearai Naisiunta na h’Eireann with a friend and he showed me all his favourite paintings. Rekindled my appreciation of early sublime landscape paintings, and will now recognize the world of Jack Yeats anyway. Saw many beautiful and thoughtful things, including my first Modigliani and Van Gogh’s Paris Rooftops.  Then I made flapjacks again this evening: they are SO good. The joys of golden syrup and oats! I hope golden syrup is sold at home!

All this was surprisingly exhausting. I think I just am feeling lazy altogether since my birthday. …Which was fantastic!! After a birthday brunch with several exciting cards and parcels, I took the day off and went on the bus to Howth on my own. Had a good 2 hour walk around the cliffs and the seashore. It was grey and rainy and windy, a very Irish day. I felt very much in a certain place at a certain time. Returned to the city, and went to the Thursday night session at the Cobblestones, where I ran into some piping friends from Boston!

In an aside, how has no one ever mentioned this amazing book before?? Currently reading Good Omens. And my textbooks of course…


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