it was locked

Did you know there is a red port-a-potty a little over halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge? Only construction workers use it now; it was locked! The Golden Gate was built in 1933 and the cables were spun by the same engineers who designed the Brooklyn Bridge built back in 1883! If you stop to look, there is a placque to John A. Roebling and Sons Ltd. A group of us rode our bikes from the Embarcadero across the bridge to Mill Valley yesterday. It was a beautiful day and such a great trip!

Today its raining again. It’s been a while since it rained, and I only seem to want to write when it’s grey out. I am sitting in my roommate’s chair next to the window and listening to the pitter pat pat. It is going at a good clip. I miss rain. If I had stayed in Dublin for another semester, I would have gotten to see the city under snow. My friend’s have sent on the most beautiful pictures of it! It only snows in the British Isles like once a decade and I missed it.

My co-chef and I have now planned out 5 menus in advance. Yes, I, Nicola Stathers, am now responsible for feeding 40 people every Thursday night by 6:45 pm, so help them God. Every menu has dessert. I think I will finally be learning how to cook! I licked a ganache bowl clean tonite; this is going to be great.

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