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more vignettes from home

my knitting is balled up on the stool the shadows are long when you’re in the north this time of year, so are the days. saw six baby quail today and a baby bunny! napped in the hammock and pondered the space-time continuum in such leisure It seems to snow this time of year, snow from […]


I have so many project ideas bubbling about! I’d love to try my hand at knitting a shawl, there are more cases on the go, I’ve seen a lovely pattern for a 3-hour sweater, and have you ever seen smocking?? The new knitty zine came out and I am feeling incredibly inspired. The house put on a St. […]

the college experience

Like the evil queen says: “Things are looking up!” it’s all about attitude. dinner was SO good tonite, I am rapidly falling in love with food. a friend and I met up for crafts, and I started sewing a rag rug. It is now big enough for both my feet and feels wonderfull squishy! I think I […]

this may be my first and last post about knitting

my grandmother and my mother gave me knitting books for christmas. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! I am having a lot of fun working on Zelda inspired slippers for my sister’s boyfriend. He likes video games, therefore, the toes depict Link running away from the monster Dogongo. A bomb lies between them. This is the most knitted colourwork […]

she has a little list

Been out in the rain all morning, walking and getting things done and it has been beautiful. It was nice to have waterproof pants on though. I shipped a box home at the Oifig an Phoist. This way it cost 7.2 euro a kilo, but it would cost me 10 euro at the airport. I don’t think anyone […]