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Best for Breakfast

The past 6 weeks I’ve been road tripping around, showing Patrick the west coast. We borrowed a camper and flitted from lake to lake, friends to family. The upside of living so far away is that when I come “home”, I really get to immerse myself in it. For more pictures of beautiful British Columbia, I’ve […]


Back in London for the homestretch of my masters. Typing it up til spring. The past few weeks have been wonderful. I went “home” for Christmas, although our Christmas holidays were actually hosted by my sister in Canada. Then over New Year’s, my sister and I flew down to Seattle and helped my Dad pack up the house. It was dusty, […]

suburbia without a car

this has happened a couple times now walking anywhere takes an hour and it wouldn’t be unusual except that it is a now old dilemma there are raspberries at home (by the quart) blueberries on the way and strawberries at the library oh and here is the lavender we are drying for the wedding. the […]

family summer

made it back from all the wedding planning to help my aunt and uncle move. saw the hall, the kitchen, the dishes. Finally have colors and flower girl dresses and the beginnings of a decorating scheme. Oh, and no live flowers allowed. everything is going to be very cute. as it should be. planning a […]

Driving North

It’s been 6 weeks since I started my project. I have a month of notes I have yet to process. Maybe this week I’ll finally get around to it. I appreciate the opportunity to take this trip even more now that I am halfway through it. Before driving up from California I took the car in for a tune […]

more vignettes from home

my knitting is balled up on the stool the shadows are long when you’re in the north this time of year, so are the days. saw six baby quail today and a baby bunny! napped in the hammock and pondered the space-time continuum in such leisure It seems to snow this time of year, snow from […]


I has just stopped snowing again. And to think, at half seven this morning I was driving back from the bus station in Seattle and the sun was rising and the mountain was out. The rising sun backlit the Cascades purple peaks with livid pink streaks. It was all I could do to stay on the highway […]