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she has a little list

Been out in the rain all morning, walking and getting things done and it has been beautiful. It was nice to have waterproof pants on though. I shipped a box home at the Oifig an Phoist. This way it cost 7.2 euro a kilo, but it would cost me 10 euro at the airport. I don’t think anyone […]


Aforementioned deadlines: I found out I had a few extra hours for that second paper and luckily I had done a lot of research in advance. Research being riding the Luas for 6 hours. Plenty of time for thinking! Paper one was a bit short, but I turned it in at noon. Paper two was […]


I LOVED what I saw of western Germany. We didn’t exactly plan this trip to Germany but it has been Wonderful. At first, I was only going to Germany for 3 reasons: the flight was 12 euros, two good friends agreed to go with me, I wanted to see Christmas markets, and I heard the chocolate is amazing. And […]


First frost this morning. Freddie the leaf has been waiting for this moment. Curled and raggedy edges are highlighted in white. Flat surfaces are iced with diamonds. I slippy-slid my way to college and it was Brilliant. I am in studio, about to draft some stairs. I just went to buy some vellum. They call it tracing […]

city lights

They’re singing CHRISTMAS CAROLS in the student union. The architecture school has a christmas tree in the canteen. There’s Christmas tree by the Spire and “Nollaig Shona Duit” everywhere. No, no holiday bushes here! Thank god this is a Catholic country. This is the Christmassiest Christmas ever and I like it.

only slight exaggerations below

Theory: Irish university students must study more than the average American student simply because its so expensive to heat their digs and charge their laptops at home. I must admit, I have been using the library for free electricity while I study. If I didn’t study on campus, I would never be warm. Most of the time I […]

Ireland in Autumn

Over the October Bank Holiday weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Cork with my housemate. Cork is a beautiful county and it was pretty fun to get to travel with someone who is actually Irish. She goes home most weekends, but as Cork is in the south of the country it is a fairly long […]

Exploring suburbia

Out of last week’s slump, and into new territory. This was a good weekend for hanging out with myself and enjoying where I am now. My neighbor and I explored the vicinity of UCD. Dundrum shopping cenre is only an hour’s walk away! All in all it was a precious glimpse into the last decades’ […]

the generalist

This time of year I always yearn for the music of Nick Drake. I wish it were playing everywhere always, which does not exactly fit in with my personal policy prohibiting polyphonic prerecorded playing as I wander around this planet. Which is to say, I really enjoy Listening to the noises where I happen to be. […]

The Rainy Walks

50 of your favourite words: An excellent article on an excellent subject. There is an animal living nearby my house that I am beginning to loathe. Every night it makes this yippy yappy half duck half dog bark for a long time. Thank goodness it has finally stopped. [UPDATE: I am told this is a FOX!] Today I had […]