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Soon these wreaths will come down too. It is considered bad luck in England to keep your Christmas ornaments up past January 6th. [Note: here they are most definitely not considered “holiday” decorations] At work on Monday as we were taking down our seasonal decor, my colleague joked he’s not sure how they manage to […]


I has just stopped snowing again. And to think, at half seven this morning I was driving back from the bus station in Seattle and the sun was rising and the mountain was out. The rising sun backlit the Cascades purple peaks with livid pink streaks. It was all I could do to stay on the highway […]

this may be my first and last post about knitting

my grandmother and my mother gave me knitting books for christmas. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! I am having a lot of fun working on Zelda inspired slippers for my sister’s boyfriend. He likes video games, therefore, the toes depict Link running away from the monster Dogongo. A bomb lies between them. This is the most knitted colourwork […]

noises absent from my life

drip drip of melting snow click click of the gas fire and the whiny hum of my mother’s laptop. I keep saying it’s nice to be home and it was nice to be away. Better at asserting myself although who would have thought I ever had a problem with that The best thing about Christmas […]

she has a little list

Been out in the rain all morning, walking and getting things done and it has been beautiful. It was nice to have waterproof pants on though. I shipped a box home at the Oifig an Phoist. This way it cost 7.2 euro a kilo, but it would cost me 10 euro at the airport. I don’t think anyone […]

city lights

They’re singing CHRISTMAS CAROLS in the student union. The architecture school has a christmas tree in the canteen. There’s Christmas tree by the Spire and “Nollaig Shona Duit” everywhere. No, no holiday bushes here! Thank god this is a Catholic country. This is the Christmassiest Christmas ever and I like it.