Tag: setting personal goals

this week

living one week at a time goal: learn to use a drop spindle eventually in progress: practicing biking up hills baking: a butter cake knitting: socks for father’s day, and a felted toiletries’ case gaming: carcasonne! playing: practicing a bit and remembering my tunes reading: Fifty Years in Farming 1940-1990 by Meir Weiss, and Game of Thrones… […]

Project list

Back at the knitting, waiting for the rain… 1. Warm Woolly socks (2/3 the way there!) 2. Plain slouchy beret (wool purchased+pattern found) 3. Complicated socks (wool purchased+pattern found) 4. Entrelac socks (hmm… making this pattern for a guy might be tricky) 5. Christmas: socks, socks, and more socks 6. Yet Another Cardigan

broken glasses

life changes one day at a time sitting listening to the rain with a productivity candle burning getting better posture from practice wearing that bracelet which reads, Live in the Moment thinking on the future and accepting the ways things are the food revolution continues: my first batch of kombucha! weeding garlic beds for a while or not. […]

try to see it my way

pernacious: tenaciously pernicious. Home: a reminder of the joy of quiet, company and comfort. finished some fluffy bed socks for Annie. She says they look like fall. I say they look like barf! actually taking vitamins to stave off this cold i’ve got. midterms are over in the space of 2 days I found some […]


I have so many project ideas bubbling about! I’d love to try my hand at knitting a shawl, there are more cases on the go, I’ve seen a lovely pattern for a 3-hour sweater, and have you ever seen smocking?? The new knitty zine came out and I am feeling incredibly inspired. The house put on a St. […]

she has a little list

Been out in the rain all morning, walking and getting things done and it has been beautiful. It was nice to have waterproof pants on though. I shipped a box home at the Oifig an Phoist. This way it cost 7.2 euro a kilo, but it would cost me 10 euro at the airport. I don’t think anyone […]


I’ve been exploring all over the city lately and taking pictures like mad! Otherwise, my first ever homemade cream-of-mushroom soup turned out well tonight… although I think I may have made it backwards. First I made the soup yummy, and then I tried to thicken it. The flour, of course, only clumped. So I left it at […]