Americans in London, behold!

Two important discoveries:

1. My hunt for pumpkin pie filling is over. Tesco’s on Essex Road in Angel carries Libby’s in its International foods aisle, right next to the Caribbean section on the bottom shelf. The American section consists almost entirely of sweets.

I believe whole foods also carries a canned pumpkin filling but it’s probably organic. For those of you in west London, may I direct you to the Waitrose on Porchester Rd., which stocks Libby’s yearlong next to the tinned peaches and plums. Yum.

Anyone have other sources?? The Sainsbury’s near me now in SE London claim they stock it seasonally. By seasonally they mean Christmas… I know I am not alone when I say that Thanksgiving = Pumpkin Pie = Libby’s. But I may have to conduct a semi-objective taste test among innocent Englanders, free of this brain-washed flavour association over the decades.

(Note: behind the cans are this weeks muffin madness, a measurement-less concoction of pancakey batter, raspberries and chinese 5 spice powder – currently in the oven.)

2. I have had the miraculous realization that the product called “cheesey dinner” is virtually identical to mac and cheese and more importantly is stocked by most grocer’s in the UK. Ok it’s not quite as virulently orange as Extra Cheesey Kraft dinner but it will do.

Further investigation forthcoming….

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