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really shouldn’t have complained so much about the scaffolding. What with all the cold windy days it has provided more than meager protection from the elements. And there were two gentle snowfalls this week, so sweetly dusting the city. Every streetcorner is covered in crystal shards of ice and salt. Here I am, lapsing into […]

i’m getting closer

maybe… further mostly right now I want to finish.But I can’t even decidewhat tack to take talking the truth is in the sourcesput aside your point of viewbut doesn’t context matter?aren’t those prejudices true?to some extentit always does come together in the end. but why is it so hardto know what you needreally?

modern medieval

I’m unsure but confidentthat somehow this will all resolvewhen simple-minded simplificationsmark an end of ideology lots on my list this month- papers, exams, knitting, GREnot sure I’m happy with what’s plannednot sure I want to plan anything at allwhen nothing goes as planned anyway. but it has been beautiful clear sunny and coldand I bike […]

broken glasses

life changes one day at a time sitting listening to the rain with a productivity candle burning getting better posture from practice wearing that bracelet which reads, Live in the Moment thinking on the future and accepting the ways things are the food revolution continues: my first batch of kombucha! weeding garlic beds for a while or not. […]

For No One

a brown bird sat on my windowsill this morning and I thought I saw a banana slug on my walk home tonite. but… it was a stick. however the puddles are real, and it’s been raining like 1998 here. never has the bicycling been so epic, or my pants so wet. my new little room […]

how do you spell that?

had a wonderful blip of a breakquelled the rumblesslipped away for an afternoon and a daywatched the sun slice through treescasting a barcode upon my pathwhy can’t I sleep outside every night? put on some extra layersturned a hundred pagestwo, three!making time for essentials likelistening to crickets and writing papers. baked intermezzo-style bread (9 loaves)gaining […]

more vignettes from home

my knitting is balled up on the stool the shadows are long when you’re in the north this time of year, so are the days. saw six baby quail today and a baby bunny! napped in the hammock and pondered the space-time continuum in such leisure It seems to snow this time of year, snow from […]