No eggs? No problem

Saturday mornings are my favourite time for baking. But… I tend to run out of primo pantry ingredients by then. Like eggs. Here’s a muffin recipe which turns out great without any eggs.


These muffins aren’t vegan but they could be. Raid your cupboard for any “healthy” seeds you have and ground them up as the basis for this batter. Everyone has hopped on the paleo trend a little right? Mine just tend to sit there, but I would like to eat them while they’re “fresh”.

I love my Irish country butter and if you use a processed margarine or natural oil some of the flavour will be lost. To substitute for browned butter, use earth balance or add a spoonful each nutritional yeast and apple cider vinegar, or perhaps a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.


Cinnaberry muffins

1/3c mixed ground seeds – must contain flax. Mine also has ground goji berries, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Yum!
2/3c water

Bring to boil on medium heat in saucepan until it thickens into a jelly texture. Transfer to mixing bowl.

Add 1/2c butter to the now-empty saucepan, to brown slowly over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, beat into the seeds:
1/3c brown sugar
2/3c white sugar

Get out your muffin tray and insert muffin papers, or oil and flour the cups individually. Add the butter to the bowl when it is good and darkly browned. It will take a bit of effort to stir the melted butter into the seed and sugar mixture, so take your time with it. The oily butter will sit on top of the batter at first and you dont want to splash oil on your shirt do you?

Measure in:
1t salt
1/4t cinnamon or more
1.5 c flour (any kind you want-  I used self raising in which case omit the following)
1.5t baking powder

Finally stir in 3/4c defrosted raspberries with the juice. Spoon into the muffin tin and bake at 400°f/200°c for 22 minutes or until they smell done.

The cinnamon tastes incredible with ground seeds, exploding in your mouth with an earthy crackle pop against the sweetly tart raspberries. These muffins are like cinnamon gum, but better.

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