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rescue cowl

Two weeks ago I finished up with knitting the last of my Christmas presents. I’m always a bit behind, which is why I only get around to knitting for myself in late winter. It’s not often you mentally calculate the list of people-to-knit-for and come up short… so! I have two months of winter left and I want to […]

apples in winter

It’s been chilly this week in Cork, and we even had a bit of snow. Not enough to cause problems but just enough to turn this little city into a wonderland. I grabbed my camera and managed to get a few shots of it swirling ’round. Once it stopped we went out for a whiskey, […]

living love

waking up to spring only to step out into winterthe cold lingers and II just want to hang my coats up in a different closet the best part about choice isit begins when I decidea single momenttransformed by confidence


It’s been snowing since I got up this morning and in fact it’s been snowing very nearly since Friday morning. In honor of our white weekend I shall delay a commentary on postmodern architecture in London. I went out for some exercise this afternoon and ended up doing a photoshoot of the snowmen in Hyde […]

folding and kneading

Our first dinner tonite turned out amazing. I mean, living in California is AMAZING. Artichokes in winter?? All the produce is seasonal and beautiful. MENU: seitan, chicken cacciatore, artichokes (I accidentally typed architecture instead, whoops!), broccoli, roast carrots parsnips and potatoes, rosemary bread and dipping oil. There was pineapple walnut cake with cream cheese frosting […]


I has just stopped snowing again. And to think, at half seven this morning I was driving back from the bus station in Seattle and the sun was rising and the mountain was out. The rising sun backlit the Cascades purple peaks with livid pink streaks. It was all I could do to stay on the highway […]


First frost this morning. Freddie the leaf has been waiting for this moment. Curled and raggedy edges are highlighted in white. Flat surfaces are iced with diamonds. I slippy-slid my way to college and it was Brilliant. I am in studio, about to draft some stairs. I just went to buy some vellum. They call it tracing […]

only slight exaggerations below

Theory: Irish university students must study more than the average American student simply because its so expensive to heat their digs and charge their laptops at home. I must admit, I have been using the library for free electricity while I study. If I didn’t study on campus, I would never be warm. Most of the time I […]