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suburbia without a car

this has happened a couple times now walking anywhere takes an hour and it wouldn’t be unusual except that it is a now old dilemma there are raspberries at home (by the quart) blueberries on the way and strawberries at the library oh and here is the lavender we are drying for the wedding. the […]

family summer

made it back from all the wedding planning to help my aunt and uncle move. saw the hall, the kitchen, the dishes. Finally have colors and flower girl dresses and the beginnings of a decorating scheme. Oh, and no live flowers allowed. everything is going to be very cute. as it should be. planning a […]

short sweet summers

Father-daughter road trip on a lovely scenic route up the Fraser Valley. Only took 6 hours and twenty minutes to our destination, including 6 pit stops and dinner. Luckily, we are of one mind about the pit stops. Nothing worse than disagreement between passenger and driver about the frequency of such things. Anyway, we arrived our cabin […]