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apples in winter

It’s been chilly this week in Cork, and we even had a bit of snow. Not enough to cause problems but just enough to turn this little city into a wonderland. I grabbed my camera and managed to get a few shots of it swirling ’round. Once it stopped we went out for a whiskey, […]

the blackberry blossom

There is a fence in my new neighborhood covered in blackberry vines. By now the blossoms there will never bear fruit. Oh England, imagine this: warm blackberries, picked from the bush by the side of the road with the sun beating down. This is kind of a west coast thing. Himalayan blackberries may not be […]

NO blueberries??

It is common knowledge that deadlines bring out the best in creative types. I have a dissertation chapter due next week… Voila! Perfectly healthy bananana muffins I continuously modify recipes with gusto, and even after writing this one here I shall improvise away. But if I find myself making it the same way often enough […]

hurricane take 2

A number of people warned me to expect various things in New York that I haven’t really seen come to pass yet. A Bostonian on my flight from Kelowna told me in great detail about proper subway etiquette and how to handle street people. Many people warned me it was an expensive place to live. […]

passing muster

Good things happened this weekend in every way. Munster beat Leinster, and I’ve been learning allĀ aboutĀ Dublin stereotypes. On Friday, my housemates walked down to Tesco for a full shop. It was fantastic, we split the bill and as a result, got to buy lots of fruit and veg and a couple treats, and still be […]