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love and the liberal’s lament

the problem with cities is that their trains become our riverstheir shops our seasonswe know thissubways make the breezesidewalks make dust not dirtthe only thing real is the sunthe only thing fake is this reasoning is there any way to mediatesuburbs town-country sprawlcommutefarmcombinecommunewe are trying sooooooooo hard but where is it ever good enough that […]

living love

waking up to spring only to step out into winterthe cold lingers and II just want to hang my coats up in a different closet the best part about choice isit begins when I decidea single momenttransformed by confidence


Back in London for the homestretch of my masters. Typing it up til spring. The past few weeks have been wonderful. I went “home” for Christmas, although our Christmas holidays were actually hosted by my sister in Canada. Then over New Year’s, my sister and I flew down to Seattle and helped my Dad pack up the house. It was dusty, […]


left the cultural capital for to see the heartland back in time for fireworks at lady liberty’s feet another kind of flickr marathon heat wave learning how to life another life simpler sampler

i’m getting closer

maybe… further mostly right now I want to finish.But I can’t even decidewhat tack to take talking the truth is in the sourcesput aside your point of viewbut doesn’t context matter?aren’t those prejudices true?to some extentit always does come together in the end. but why is it so hardto know what you needreally?

modern medieval

I’m unsure but confidentthat somehow this will all resolvewhen simple-minded simplificationsmark an end of ideology lots on my list this month- papers, exams, knitting, GREnot sure I’m happy with what’s plannednot sure I want to plan anything at allwhen nothing goes as planned anyway. but it has been beautiful clear sunny and coldand I bike […]

Native suns of the golden west

Enjoying the afternoon sun and a rest in the hammock while I listen to the sounds of my hometown Niles, California. It has been such a pleasant day, arriving in the east bay after driving all over the state. Here where I grew up feels most like stereotypical ‘California’ to me. The landscape here speaks […]

how do you spell that?

had a wonderful blip of a breakquelled the rumblesslipped away for an afternoon and a daywatched the sun slice through treescasting a barcode upon my pathwhy can’t I sleep outside every night? put on some extra layersturned a hundred pagestwo, three!making time for essentials likelistening to crickets and writing papers. baked intermezzo-style bread (9 loaves)gaining […]