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NO blueberries??

It is common knowledge that deadlines bring out the best in creative types. I have a dissertation chapter due next week… Voila! Perfectly healthy bananana muffins I continuously modify recipes with gusto, and even after writing this one here I shall improvise away. But if I find myself making it the same way often enough […]

Today I

dreamt big wore 5 different shades of pink did blackberry yoga and thought about the just desserts of summer:  a whole month with my sis taking my pie art to the next level (featuring the crane I befriended on my daily swim) an ode to the thunderstorms I weathered this summer Further noteworthy aspects of being […]

hurricane take 2

A number of people warned me to expect various things in New York that I haven’t really seen come to pass yet. A Bostonian on my flight from Kelowna told me in great detail about proper subway etiquette and how to handle street people. Many people warned me it was an expensive place to live. […]


I learned how to make music with a crystal glass this week…. And a wonderful friend is learning me to bake bread, walking me through the Tassajara method. We on our second batch together.. at the moment, there is enough dough downstairs rising to make 10 loaves of bread. I have a reading response to finish before I can go […]

passing muster

Good things happened this weekend in every way. Munster beat Leinster, and I’ve been learning all about Dublin stereotypes. On Friday, my housemates walked down to Tesco for a full shop. It was fantastic, we split the bill and as a result, got to buy lots of fruit and veg and a couple treats, and still be […]

Raised in a barn

A fantastic package has just arrived in the mail from my mother! Such excitement has hitherto not been seen in the UCD student residences. There were walnuts, and warm layers, and woolly items, and waterproof items, and warm socks, and chocolate baking goods, and tights and everything I wanted and needed! Many thanks. Attempt number two […]