ready to eat

made soup again (unintentionally) for dinner this week, and I think it was my favourite yet.

coconut milk
parsley (add early)
chinese 5 spice

Nearly finished with a small case using the most complicated knitting stitch ever. It is called woven basket stitch. You knit into the back of the 2nd stitch on your left needle before knitting the 1st. Then once you pull your two new stitches through, in a sort of on-the-needle cable, you slip the two old ones off your left needle. The purl and knit sides need to be offset by one stitch. The edges turn out very nicely. I can’t believe me how long this stitch took me to figure out and execute.

at the peer advising table; helped three students in the course sitting for two hours and only had to give directions to the bathroom once. Somehow have ended up taking 18 units this semester, 6 of which are for studio. 6 fully deserved units- given the amount of time we are in there working!

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